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Powder Light Metals

About us

Powder Light Metals GmbH (PLM) is a privately owned, independent and shareholder headed company. PLM has been founded in June 2000.

PLM has dedicated its activities exclusively to development, production and marketing of semi-finished products and/or components based on nano-structured lightweight alloys manufactured via powder metallurgy techniques. In addition to that PLM also optimizes the appropriate processing and manufacturing technologies. The scope of alloys covers Al-based materials including the corresponding metal matrix composites (MMC’s) as well as lightweight intermetallics.

Based on our alloy related and technical solutions in combination with our know-how we are in a leading position worldwide when competing with other market players. Many publications and patents as well as the VDI Materials and Innovation Award of the German Engineering Society in the year 1999 to the company founder Klaus Hummert show the competence of the management team in the powder metallurgy business of high performance aluminum.

Our alloys and products offer a high customer benefit by unique properties and a customer oriented price-performance relation.

Dipl.-Phys. Klaus Hummert 
CEO and company owner


Our strategy

From melting to final products - completely manufactured by ourselves. An enormous added value for our customers.


This means:

  • first hand information to our customers - directly and precisely.
  • close contact to our customers by direct customer service
  • short response times without any loss of information
  • strict confidentiality with regard to any kind of information receiving from our customers
  • cost control and cost caps among others by only few and small overheads

We see ourselves as an innovative and highly experienced development partner as well as a responsible and quality-conscious volume supplier for our customers.


We offer:

  • 30 years of experience in powder metallurgy (PM) of aluminum
  • competence in alloy, process, component and product development
  • long term experience in volume introduction of PM Al products
  • extensive and detailed knowledge of products and markets
  • well established network with experienced production partners
  • cooperation with leading research institutes and well-known universities.
  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification (for more information, click here)

We try harder day by day to generate sustainable added value for our customers by open discussions, fair and straight dealings and partnership cooperation.

Our cooperations (excerpt):

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