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Funded projects

In its field of activities PLM is continuously looking for additional project partners who are interested in cooperation for new projects funded by national and/or international organizations.


Actually, there is a stand-alone project in progress, which is substantially funded by the European Commission within the HORIZON 2020 framework. PLM is one out of a few awarded champions in Germany. A successful implementation of the results will put PLM in a leading position competitive wise.

Acronym: “ImpAl“
Type of project: Stand-alone project
Title: “Improvements for a cost-effective volume production of advanced aluminum”
Duration2 years
Short summary:

For a more cost effective production of high performance aluminum alloys it is essential to improve productivity and output of all processing steps involved. For small and medium sized companies (SME) like PLM these are challenges associated with high risks in terms of execution and finances. Included are the production of large volumes of feedstock via melt spinning as well as the downstream processing via extrusion and/or milling. Another subject of the project is the final optimization of alloy properties, which have to be adjusted under volume production conditions. Reproducibility and highest quality are the top issues. Finally, the proper re-introduction of milling chips into the processing loop is essential for a cost effective volume production.





   The project has ended by end of November 2017.
   In short summary, the following results have been achieved:

   Melt spinning process has been improved in several directions:
   - Increased flow rate for large volume production by multi orifice draining      nozzles.
   - Successful application of reusable nozzles, providing stable and constant      flow rates.
   - Product cost improvements based on economy of scale.

   Property improvements for binary AlSi alloys by advanced processing
   - Alloys with up to 60 % by weight of Si are now available on volume      production scale.
   - All alloys exhibit consistent properties and quality on a superior level.
   - Block sizes of up to 400 kg per piece have been produced successfully.
   - Block sizes of up to 800 kg per piece will be available from Q4/2018.

   Machining parameters
   - parameters for cutting, milling and sawing of AlSi alloys have been      evaluated.
   - appropriate cutting tools have been selected for precision machining.
   - commercially availyble tools with coating for improved wear resistance      have been tested.
   - Based on that, any size (small, medium, large) and very complex shapes      are available
   - PLM is prepared to share these results with customers (requires NDA).

   Recycling of processing scrap
   - high value processing scrap can be recycled successfully on different      stages:
   - specially machining chips could be re-introduced into the production      process directly.
   - results exhibit strong cost savings and less consumption of resources.
   - an environment-friendly coolant for cutting / machining has been      introduced.

   As a consequence of the project, PLM can offer an extended product     portfolio with added value for both PLM’s customers and for own purposes.

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