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Supply program


PLM's supply program covers products of all processing levels including components ready for assembling. Supply of out-of-the-box components is the primary and strategic target.

  • flakes by melt spinning
  • billets and blocks (CIP / HIP) for extrusion, forging and/or rolling
  • extruded semi's (tubes, rods, flat bars, profiles)
  • rolled plates and sheets
  • semi-finished products and blanks
  • components ready for assembling

Depending on the processing technology the production capacity reaches 400 - 500 tons/year. With a lead time of 10 - 12 months the production capacity can be doubled or even tripled.

Available geometries – especially complex cross sections - are depending to some extent on formability of the alloys.

  • billet

    max. Ø 400 x 900 mm (max. approx. 300 kg)

  • blocks

    max. 500 x 400 x 900 mm (max. ca. 500 kg)

  • round bars

    max. Ø 100 x 3.000 mm

  • flat bars

    max. width: 250 mm, max. thickness: 50 mm

  • profiles

    cross sections on request

  • plates

    1.200 x 3.000 mm, min thickness: 5 mm

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