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Alloy program

PLM's material program covers alloys und metal-matrix-compounds (MMC's) based on aluminum for applications in extended temperature and strength ranges (application temperatures up to 500 °C and strength levels up to 800 MPa at room temperature). Furthermore, there are alloys available showing improved wear and/or corrosion resistance or others showing excellent fatigue strength and/or fracture toughness. For some compositions Young's Modulus is exceeding a level of 100 GPa.

  • AlZnMgCu (PLM-7xx)

    highest strength at room temperature

  • AlCuMgAg (PLM-2xx)

    high fracture toughness

  • AlSiFeMg (PLM-xxx)

    wear resistant alloys, high stiffness

  • AlNiFe (PLM-9xx)

    high strength at elevated temperatures, improved fatigue strength

  • AlSi (PLM-4xx)

    controlled thermal expansion (CTE), low CTE's possible

  • Al-C-O (PLM-xxx)

    corrosion and creep resistant alloys

  • Al-MMC‘s (PLM-xxx)

    highest Young's Modulus, wear resistant

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