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General information

PLM's high performance aluminum alloys show 30 - 40 % property improvement compared to conventional Al based materials. In some cases, even new properties are generated for aluminum such like low thermal expansion (comparable to those ones of titanium and steel) or wear resistance without any coating. These property improvements are mainly given by a micro- or even a nano-crystalline microstructure.

Compared to conventional aluminum alloys PLM's high performance aluminum alloys offer at least one improved property. In some cases, optimized property combinations are given or even a new property is generated giving the desired advantages for special applications. Due to the high flexibility of the manufacturing processes these improved property combinations can be precisely designed into a given application (design into application).


In addition to a basic set of different alloys PLM also offers several alloys for specific applications in special market segments such like nuclear industries and energy storage. PLM offers to develop certain alloys on customer demand and on an exclusive basis.

PLM has developed a number of alloys which can be used directly in the given modification or may be used as platform for additional improvements. To cover a wide range of properties requires a set of different specific and unique alloys.

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