We keep powder metallurgy in progress.


General information

Our innovations are created and driven by continuous development activities. These take place in three major categories: alloys, process technologies and product design

For some projects within development and production Powder Light Metals GmbH has signed contracts for strategic cooperation with partners from industries and/or universities national wide and international. In this manner PLM receives the support of experts as well as has access to external lab and production capacity. All development trials are carried out by applying solely industrial equipment designed for volume production. Thus, there is no “up-scaling“ required when going for volume. Alloys and components which have been presented on lab-scale, can be supplied any time on volume scale with same properties.

Development activities include alloys and processes as well as products. Furthermore, PLM also offers development by order. In such cases customers may enjoy exclusive rights for their product.

For some projects PLM does this development work on its own fully funded by own resources. Another model is to run projects on a bilateral basis - preferably with a key customer in a particular market segment and each party cares for its own costs. Finally, the third arrangement is to carry out the development activities in a national or an international framework program partially funded by the German Government or the European Commission. Moving products from development stage into volume production may take several months but maximum two years.

For a successful and efficient development PLM maintains its own test lab with the following major equipment.

  • sample preparation

    warm/cold embedding, grinding, polishing

  • density evaluation

    by Archimedes' principle or by geometry

  • macro hardness testing


  • light load (micro) hardness testing


  • light microscope
  • stereo microscope
  • spectroscopy

    (calibrated for Al-, Mg-, and Cu-based alloys)

  • tensile / compression tester

    (100 kN)

  • creep rate evaluation

    (relaxation, retardation)

  • sieve analysis
  • tap density
  • ultrasonic testing
  • roughness measurement
  • 3D-measurement system
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